Linda MacFarlane
Financial Coaching for
better financial results

A Ramsey Preferred Coach

Are you a follower of Dave Ramsey’s principles and want to improve your money management skills to make better decisions on your own? Coaching may be the best route to help you get where you want to be faster. I can tailor a plan for your situation. Contact me to set up your free initial coaching session to see if coaching is right for you.

How it works?

Help Establish Emergency Fund
Help Create a Spending Plan
Reduce or Eliminate Debt
Learn to Creating a Savings Plan
Build a Financial Strategy
As a CPA and a Ramsey Preferred Coach, I guide Individuals, families, and small businesses to help them discover practical solutions for their financial challenges. I accomplish this by listening to clients and understanding their personal situations. I provide them with the education and specific financial tools, and encourage them to reach their financial goals. I have the financial experience and training to enable you to become a financial success. With my financial coaching, it is up to you to decide your priorities.

Ramsey Master Financial Coach

I am a trained Ramsey Solutions Master Financial Coach who will share ideas based on your personal situation. Please understand that I am helping you to make your own choices. Although I am a CPA, I am not a licensed insurance or investment professional so I will not sell you insurance or investments. My aim is to educate you and guide you to make sound financial decisions that follow Dave Ramsey’s principles.